I live in salem oregon, where chickens are legal unless someone complains. My chickens are my babies and I wouldn't part with them for all the treasure in the world.
Get to know my chickens!

This is Amber, my easter egger. She sweet, and the most curios thing you ever saw! Whenever I am doing something near the coop, Amber is right there, perping at me like she's asking me what I'm doing!

This is General Red, my production red. Her first name was little red riding hood but it soon became clear that was not the name for her. We changed her name when we had a plumber over, working outside near the coop. Red was the only one in the yard, and she was patroling! She kept doing her "rounds" until the plumber was gone!

Sparkle is a silver laced wynndotte. She is the "pretty girl" of my flock. She is always taking dustbaths and preening her feathers, too bad she doesn't have a roo to show off at!

Here is jasmine, one of my black austrolorps. She's the sweet, shy, and calm chicken. Right now she's broody and she's still her shy self.

doofus is a gold sex link. She has NO brain, She is so silly! She sometimes comes up to me and pecks at my feet until I pick her up and then she snuggles and purrs! Doofus is always wandering around and she is always the last one in the coop, she never notices when all the other chickens have gone somewhere else. She is such a fluffbrain!

Austro is my sweetest, most talkative chicken. you can put her on your shoulder and you can have long conversations with her! We used to think she was a roo until we saw her lay an egg, thats why she has a boy name. Austro is a black austrolorp, and she is my most tame chicken.

Here is ralphie my black sex-link. She is bossy and has a lot of attitude, plus she is very cautous. She has been known to come right up to my dog pepper who is 90 pounds and peck her right on the nose! She is first in comand and don't you forget it! Ralphie is named after the colorado university mascot because she is the school colors, ralphs a real character.