In search of the better egg


Started building my first brooder on the 7th of October 2008. I got serious about the brooder on the 8th. Its coming along nicely. I need to put the doors and hardward cloth on it today or in the morning. I am gonna use a reostat for the light so that I dont have to hang the light and adjust it all of the time.

So, when I get it finished, I will put the picture up. We plan on getting 20 Sex Link chicks of different varieties. My interest is in getting fresh eggs for our home. We might even give some away.

October 10th 2008
Well, I got both doors built. Fixin to go the the hardware store and get hinges and more screws. So far I have been able to use scraps that we have out in the warehouse. Gonna mount the light and reostat and hopefully be done with it today. Gonna order:
5 black sex links

5 brown sex links

5 gold sex links

5 red sex links

We are getting them from Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms, inc

6:30 pm.
I got the heat lamp mounted and hooked up to a reostat. I put a regular light socket and 60 watt light in there as well. The door by the heat lamp is solid and the door on the other end is hardware cloth (wire mesh). I have the heat lamp running right now so I can see what tempature it gets.

I really got the legs crooked on the thing. All I have to do next is to trim it out and paint the body white and the trim barn red. My Mother is going to paint chickens or the like on it. I am probably gonna straighten out the legs. Its gettin on my nerves.
So, chicks are due on October 30th or the 31st.
Ok, did a trial run with the heat lamp and it got to 110 degrees after 1 hour, was able to dial it back with the reostat. Seems like I am in good shape.

The Chicks have arrived. Here are some photos of the baby chicks.
This is the box the 20 chicks came in.

Here are pictures of the painted brooder. The artwork is done by my mother. I can only paint stick chicks

Here is Brutus the guard dog (puppy) of chickens. At least we hope so, we dont want him to be Brutus the chicken eater. We'll see how it goes. My dads leg made it into the picture as well.

Now I reckon I aught to get a chicken coop built, ♦huh?♦
November 6th 2008
This weeks pictures of our 20 pullets.
◊1 week old◊
Our pullets have been here for one week and already they are quite a bit bigger.

I have 20 new chicks now. They were 1 day old on November 4th 2009. I need to add some photos to make this a current BYC Page.