Mlt Coop

By presh22 · Aug 8, 2012 · ·
  1. presh22
    Here is a simple coop design. A very affordable way to provide chickens spacious comfortable living. We house only 4 hens, but 8 would comfortably reside. The bottom still needs some hardware cloth to act as predator deterrence, but otherwise a complete project. I reside near Seattle and our weather is mild, so the entire roof is open air. The "skylight" feature is courtesy of a backyard patio table we never used and happened to be near perfect dimensions as a roof. Definitely consider these types of items you can likely find free on Craigslist. [​IMG]


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  1. chickoni
    Nice designwork. Look like happy chickens!
  2. UrbanMoshavnik
  3. joan1708
    Very nice
  4. judyki2004
    So far looking great!

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