Hi from Big Rapids, Michigan. We live in the middle of 15 acres just outside the city limits. We're close to shopping but feel we are in the country. We're back 300 feet from the road so we have lots of room for our chickens to roam.
My husband teaches French at Ferris State University and I work as a nurse for the local general surgeons.
We got started with the chickens in April when Grandpa and our grandson, Ty went to see the baby chicks at Tractor Supply and came home with 7 chickens. Now what were we going to do with them? So started our project to build a chicken coop. I got on the internet and found a chicken coop I loved the looks of and got my Husband (grandpa) and my brother-in-laws (who are the greatest builders) to start building. They did an awesome job. (Hope I can figure out how to download a picture).
Well, the seven chickens became 4 Roosters and three hens. Needless to say 2 of the rooster got bloodied up rather soon in the growing stage so had to put them in a bachelor pad at Ty's house. I think from what I've been reading on BYC that the extra rooster will have to move with them. So far its been fine but now that their 12 weeks old I'm afraid they"re going to start fighting for control.
This has been so much fun and BYC has helped us alot. We let them free range when we're home and they love it. We love to sit in the "chicken" chairs and watch them and feed them bread in the evening. They'll even sit on my lap. Our three cats are alittle jealous but so far no mishappens.

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