modern chicken shed
Our goal was to reuse and give new life to objects that have long lost their utility. The entire structure was conceived around the door. This swinging door, which previously separated our kitchen and dining room, needed a new purpose. Unused galvanized metal heating duct was unrolled to form a semicircular awning over the door. The glass top sheltering the chicken roost box was our old coffee table, a once-wise purchase now a hazard to young climbing kids. The awning came from a friend's remodel and was the endpiece to 1950's pink metal kitchen cabinets, now painted grey. The chicken ladder was constructed reusing metal c-channels, the arms from an umbrella-style clothes line pole. The sliding chicken door is a plastic cutting board that was shunned when we noticed our knives shaving off fine bits of plastic into our food with each slice. It is proving the ideal material for a sliding door because it will not warp and continue to slide easily along the tracks regardless of weather conditions.

We purchased a feeder that proved too small for our 4 chickens. The rooster has a ferocious appetite. I plan to repurpose a small charcoal BBQ grill into a feeder, the holes in the bottom for emptying charcoal ash and the removable dome top seem ideal for keeping feed dry and accessible. However, the legs are too short to position the ash-now-turned feed tray at the propor height so this will need further noodling. We also purchased a 2-gallon watering can because fashioning a homegrown watertight alternative proved to daunting.