Modern coop design

By dimitrivr · Apr 15, 2014 · ·
  1. dimitrivr
    Chicken coop

    Dimitri Vroonen
    Sint-Truiden 2013

    A new chicken coop to see the chickens from the house, raised against predators and moisture.

    In the chicken coop, five nest boxes are provided.

    The entrance can be locked at night. For maintenance and collecting eggs, a door and a part of the roof can be opened. The front window can also be opened.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. N F C
    "Modern Coop"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Feb 27, 2019
    I like the idea of "modernizing" the appearance of a coop and the glass door is interesting. Would have been interesting to see how it was built.
  2. Nardo
    "Modern architecture"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jan 7, 2019
    Very modern design with a glass front. Wonder how the chicks feathering out in the nest boxes works for the layers?
  3. FlappyFeathers
    "Glass Door on the Front!"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 15, 2018
    At first I didn't think the coop had a front door, then I realized it was glass. Interesting idea! Wish there was more info on the building process. Five nest boxes might be a little much for that size of coop, but chickens seem to like it.


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  1. mainechicklet
    Don't they poop in the nesting boxes while roosting?
  2. dimitrivr
  3. teneyck farms
  4. KYTinpusher
  5. windnleavesfarm
    Very nice! I love the design!

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