Modern Urban Chic With Roof Top Garden

By MLWoods · Nov 19, 2012 · ·
  1. MLWoods
    Our good friends and neighbors designed and helped us build our awesome coop. They are architects and in their home they are clutter free, have clean lines andare innovative. I knew that they would not give me a design for a country coop, especially here in the city! With limited yard space, I have three separate gardens on top which drain very nicely. Also, keeping more function in mind I have side-by-side doors for nesting boxes, no need to reach in and then down, since our kids are still small they will be able to collect eggs with ease. Also there are fixed panel windows for natural light, three clean out doors, a pop hole door, and enough room below to hang feed, water, and provide additional shade and protection.

    Yash started with a drawing, then actually made plans with his professional designn software. Here it is in stages:
    [​IMG]Three platforms built on large (6x6 maybe) pretreated deck posts. The platforms are supported by a cantilever design, which you can see on the left. This is not the position we put them together in. We dug holes about 2 feet deep and re-enforced them with cement. They will never move as long as I live!

    [​IMG]Here are some of the framing process. Notice that the ceiling is dropped about 8 inches to allow for the garden. My husband Chad used heavy duty pond liner and sealed it well to keep the moisture where it is supposed to be, (below). Also, only the center post is visible. Yash likes to make things look like they float!
    [​IMG]The framing for the pop hole, and windows are visible.Caulk and primer layer.
    [​IMG]Nesting boxes, and to the left you can make out the clean out door to the roosting area. There's the brain behind the operation getting out of the picture!

    [​IMG]Trim work is on and verything here is caulked to high heaven primed with a high quality exterior primer. You can see the little circle on the middle cube, that is one of the drainage pipes. The lowest cube drains out to the run.
    [​IMG] Finished with gardens installed and colors picked!
    [​IMG]From above, netting complete.
    [​IMG]Ladies Roosting, with the light coming in from the window.
    I have no idea why my pictures are all crazy sizes, I uploaded them on medium, but I guess they were saved as different sizes! I hope that you enjoy this coop design. I love the originality and functionality of it! It took my husband and Yash about 4 weekends to complete, with me doing painting during the week. My chickens are happy and safe and now I am waiting to get our first egg!

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    "Modern Coop with Garden on Top"
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    Certainly is a unique looking coop. Wish there were more details and I'm not sure how the 3 different levels come into play (just for appearance or do they serve a function?).
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  1. N F C
    Very unique!
  2. ChemicalchiCkns
    Floating cycens! I advise him to register the architecture Copyright and vend it @ large.
  3. Stumpy
    Wonderful and unique! I love the little gardens on top.
  4. Mountain Momma

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