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    Hello from North West WI. My love of chickens started when I was a little girl thanks to some guidance from my uncle who raised “butcher chicks” and Rhode Island Reds. Now that I have a place with plenty of space I am starting my own collection of chickies mostly of what my family calls the useless chickens or bantams. My first love of the chicken world was Modern Game Bantams and I currently own a pair of beautiful black birchen.
    I currently raise

    Old English game Bantams
    Muscovy Ducks
    Coturnix Quail

    Along with the chickens our barn is also home to a pair of mini goats Franky and Fiona, they are unique crosses of pygmy, fainter, and nigerian dwarf both only stand 19". Pot belly pigs named Chloe, Horrney, baby comming end of April, a pair of llamas French Fri and Dolly. Several sheep Marley a Romny/polypay ram, Myra a black faced mutt and more ewes later this year.

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