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By moehappyhens · Jun 28, 2012 ·
  1. moehappyhens
    I am pretty new to chicken ownership and I am hooked! Since getting my original 6 chickens from my sister (she is the chiken guru) I have had the bug to get more and learn as much as I can. I have a very nice coop my huby built me and watching chikens has quickly become my favorite pastime. My two girls (age two and four) love the chickens just as much as I do!

    My original 6 chickens:

    Barred Rock - Hello Kitty (my daugher named her). She used to have a bum leg and limp. Ever since she came to live with me, she is cured 1 1/2)
    Americana - I have two of these 1 1/2
    Rhode Island Red - I have tow of these - Cooper and Quincy 1 1/2
    Silver Laced Wyndotte - This is Sparkles (again, named by my daughter) 1 1/2

    Just this week I got:

    Buff Orpington - she is 5 months old an her name s Priscilla. Super sweet and loves to be held.
    Anericana - she is a beautiful black and her name is Aggie - 5 months old. She is the sweetest chicken and loves to snuggle.

    Chicks: I have 5 chicks that were born on June 6th-

    Lavender Orpington - I have three of these - one is names Freckles. The other two don't have names quite yet. SWEET chicks
    Barred Rock - this one doens't have a name yet but is a fiesty little one!
    Americana - she is black and also fiensty

    Pictures to come!!

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