Well, since I already have a really great, functioning blog, I'm not sure about using this one here. My real blog is The Momma Knows.

Update 1-15-12:
The hens have become regular layers over the past month! We now get around 20 eggs a week from the 3. Funny, the Americauna's eggs are the oddest color! Not green, not gray, but sort of a cross between the two. We're also getting 2-4 double yolker a week, which was a nice surprise. :)

We bought four chickens in October of this year (2011) after checking and researching about chicken keeping. My husband built a really nice little coop, and we have it heated with a heat lamp since it's been getting down to below 20*F at night lately. Of the four chickens, one decided to announce his ROOSTER-ness on Thanksgiving and has since moved on to another life. Our neighbors weren't happy (at ALL) about the constant crowing. If we had property we would have kept him. I think he would have grown up to be a really good roo. He was fairly protective of the girls but not overbearing with them.
The chickens are about six months old now so we are hoping to see some eggs soon! Here are a few pictures of our chooks. We have two Leghorn hens and an Americauna hen. The Americauna roo sadly had to leave. He sure was a beauty though. Our chickens follow us around like dogs. They can come and go from their coop as they please, and have full run of our fenced garden area, which is 20'x 90'. They use the raspberry bushes and dead cornstalks for hiding places during the day and seem to enjoy their ranging area. We'd like to let them in the main yard but our dogs are fantastic bird killers and our fences are only 3' tall. We've already had to recover them from the neighbors' yard a couple of times. They have a controlled free-range area and for now that works best. If we are ever able to get out on property, then they will have more space roam around. They just can't roam around our neighborhood. LOL