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    I am a part-time working full time mom of a wonderful little 2yr old boy and a beautiful 6mthold girl, with a love for the outdoors and animals. Having always grown up with chickens I never really paid attention to them they were my mom's thing, but I do remember loving collecting eggs and chasing them out of the flower beds and how wonderful there chicks were and how as we got older they taught us responsibilty, and a few of the "facts of life" all these things I want my children to experience to so after my daughter w turned 6mths this spring I finally convinced my husband to let me start my little hobby Which has quickly expanded from 1 dog and 5 chicks to 1 dog 1 momma cat and her 5 kittens and 4 hens and one rooster whom we have officially named Stew, Rooster Stew cause as soon he's he crow's my husband has to make him into stew since we live in a pretty close area to our neighbors, well thats just a little about me. Ill update later.Bye.

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