So about 3 months ago, 2 of my neighbors took my 6yr old daughter to the "ville" here in South Korea, well a box of cute little yellow and brown chicks caught her eye...little did I know they thought it would be funny to let her pick out 4 chicks to bring home and SUPRISE me with...what a great joke. Well, after the initial shock of how cute they are, we decided to let them stay! We began raising them in our laundry room in a cardboard box, they then moved into their first "coop" built by my husband and daughters in an afternoon..perfect while they were little but quickly grew too big for it (it was a glorified rabbit hutch.) So, we began to gather tools to build a new coop, bigger, better and more sustainable. Sad thing is we tried to order a coop off line and with the mailing dimensions it couldn't be mailed so we built our husband just looked at pics all over the internet and then winged it. OK, so it took 3 weeks (well 2 days...3 weeks apart due to monsoon season) to get the coop finished....I think we did a fantastic job. We live in South Korea so it has to be weatherized come winter but all we need to do to it is add the insulation! We have to add the last window, plexiglass on the door and put the heat lamp in when it is closer to winter, but we have to wait for the house to be wired to give us an outlet for power in the backyard!!
The coop is built off pallets from the grocery store to lift it off the ground, because we have so much rain we had to not have the coop flush with the ground (hence 4 weeks of straight rain over 36") Another problem we ran into was that the wood was about 6x as expensive as in the states as the wood is brought in from China and what we could've built for about $200 in the states was well on the way to $500 here in Korea. There are no plans for the coop because my husband just winged it and built it as he went along. He had no idea what was going to come of it and changed his ideas as he went along...the pallets are 4' by 40". The height is 6ft. with a 4" slope to let the rain waters fall!
I want to put a personal Thank You out to my honey for making it for me...especially since he doesn't even really care for the chickens!! If there is anything you can think of to make it better or improve our design, please share your ideas...thanks! Will update when we are done with the windows, and the plexi glass peeper!!