Hi Everyone! My family & I just love our chickens! About 2 years ago, my husband said "Let's get some chickens!" I thought he was nuts & he'd forget about it in a few days! Well, next thing I know, we are building a coop & searching for chicks! We bought 9 banties to put in our newly built coop. We thought we had 9 hens, but one day a "hen" named Leia started crowing, so she is now a he named Luke!
Well, now we have 12 Banties (Luke, Hailey, Daisy, Lucille, Cinder, Oreo, Goldie, Ducky & 4 chicks), 9 Buff Orpingtons (George, Molly, Lilly, Rose, Sally & 4 chicks), 5 Barred Rocks, 1 Black Austolorp (Sable), 3 Delawares (Ivory & 2 roos) & 4 Welsummers (Paula, Gloria & 2 roos). And to top it all off, we have 2 Blue Slate Turkeys (Bandit & Sam)!

So, now we are considering trying our hand at incubating & hatching some eggs ourselves! We have had so much fun raising chicks, maybe hatching some would be fun too!