My Mom's name is Linda- she & her husband John live on a 160 acre farm in Stockbridge, MI where they raise Natural meat for sale (they "retired" & wanted to go through their retirement funds as fast as possible- well Mom is her Township Clerk- so I guess she still works). They started out with meat cattle & hay. Mom added a egg layer flock about 9-10 yrs ago (which has expanded ALOT), & started raising up meat chickens & turkeys about 7-8 yrs ago. John decided raising up a few batches a pigs a year might also be "fun" so they now have those off & on too..... plus 7 cats.... people love to drop cats off in the country....

:The chicken flock

Mom's Coop is a older long building- it is quarter into 4 rooms- From the back to the front they are: the egg layer room, the turkey room (which houses meat chickens when there are no turkeys), the big flight pen room (which sometimes finishes out meat chickens in if there are turkeys in their room) & The 1st room- which has the inside pens of the 2 smaller flight pens in it, a big brooder, the feed bins, and if there are alot of hatches- several smaller brooders.

The main egg layer room has a bunch of breeds in it- Easter Eggers, Barnvelders, Welsummers, Cucoo Maran, Speckled Sussex, Barred Rock, Australopes, Salmon Faverolles, PLUS Blue Lace, Gold Lace, Buff Lace, Silver Lace & Penciled just in Wyandottes...... also some mixed breed ones & a few breeds I'm sure I missed. Most of these are 1- 3 hens of each- some are 5-10 of each breed. Mom said she made me a list :) We had a EE roo and a Creole colored mixed roo - but sent them off this spring after a hatch from them. Plus we lost "Pretty Boy" the 9-10 yr old Gold Lace Wyandotte roo this spring too. Current roos in the Egg Layer Room are the Buff Lace Wyandotte, a young Speckled Sussex roo we got from Jenny as our old one was infertile, and "Peep"- Silver Spangled colored roo.... maybe a Hamburg cross.... or a Appenzeller mix.... not sure- he is LF. And mom promised some little girl he could live there..... or he would be OUT. We do have several younger roos we are growing out to see who stays to replace the EE roo (his sons), and a few that may get added into the egg layer breed flocks (one (or 2) is a really nice BLRW from Vicky- got 2- hoping for a roo & a hen.... our luck will be both roos) And some neat mixed ones that could be fun....... still don't know who is hens & roos from this years batchs (oldest batch hatched is 6 weeks)

The Polish flock is in one of the smaller flight pens right now- but I think once these babies grow out may end up in the large one this fall!! We have a "mixed color" Large Fowl Polish flock. The current flock is: 1 GL & 1 SL in roos. And in hens we have: 1 GL, 1 SL, 1 paint/splash, 1 red, 2 WC Black, 1 Blue frizzle. Plus I picked up 1 WC blue, 4 WC Splash (2 seem to be paints though, & 2 true splashed), and our keepers from the hatched chicks are 3 BL, 2 blue, a SL or 2 & planning to hang onto the GL hens for our Tolbunt project (we bred the GL roo to the Sussex hens..... if I can get some REAL Tolbunt Polish- the F1 chicks will be leaving.

Pics taken of Mom's birds in '09 & '10 - will add recent ones soon!!!