I wasn't raised with chickens, never even knew anyone that had them. When we were looking for our 2nd house, our forever home, I knew I needed acerage! I've got three growing boys who love to explore nature, & are starting to hunt, which was instilled in them by their Grandfather....Rip Dad we miss u!! We bought our forever home, an old farm house w/small barn in the summer of 2005, still no thoughts of raising chickens....Sometime in 2008 I started thinking about it, and started buying books, & searching for help online! In April of 2009 I bought my first 6 hens from Tractor Supply, and I haven't looked back since! I just love, love, love my girls! The fresh eggs they give us, are just the best, EVERYONE I give them to RAVES about them! My dream is to one day have a craft store in my barn, & teach people about owning chickens! Right now, I work part time for a chiropractor, and couldn't even begin to take care of my chickens if it wasn't for the help of my three wonderful boys! Winter is the worst time because the waters freeze, & the chickens are all cooped up, but come Spring time, my girls enjoy three seasons of free ranging for the most part! I've tried to enclose their runs, but they want no part of that, and escape every day...So I think it's time to give up, AND give in! We have 14 tree lined acres for them to roam, and luckily, we've only had one taken by a hawk! Sadly, I lost several others this past fall thanks to an unknown predator, but we're thinking coyote! I still want to let them free range, but have to come up with a better plan to keep all my girls safe!!
Here's some pics of my flock, & family...Please enjoy!!! Click on the pic, & it will enlarge!!

This is how it all began...Two brooders set up in my dining room! This is my first attempt @ raising hens 2009! All but one of my girls from this group is still alive!!

My niece feeding my 1st girls & them wandering

My 2nd batch of babies They're all grown up. '09 Xmas
at the post office! in their pen.

This is my last set of babies, I got them at Tractor supply 4/10! Here they r in my driveway.... & in the weeds in my garden!
I can't wait to get my fourth set of babies!! They will be shipped on 4/20/11!!!!!!!!
Thanks for looking at my page!! Tammy a.k.a Chicken Mama