[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Hello everyone. My name is Audrey. I have a husband, whose name is Doc. One Son, Montana. And 3 step-children, Savannah, Haleigh, and Taylor. We are a military family stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. We currently live in Cyril, Oklahoma. [/FONT]
We have Fletcher Poultry Auction in Fletcher, Oklahoma. Our auctions are held the 1st and 3rd weekends of each month at 5:00pm, starting on September 19, 2009. We start taking consignments on auction day at 9:00am. We have a wonderful concession stand each night of the auction, and have a suprise special meal added to the menu each night. We do not charge PO fees and our commission charge is only 15%. We would love to invite everyone out to have a great time with alot of folks that have alot in common to share.
We also raise chickens of our own. I usually have alot of eggs for sale in the spring and early summer and it has been a sucess. We have alot of different breeds of chickens, guineas, geese, and ducks.
Thanks for reading my page, and May God Bless!