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By MoodyChicken · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Hello! My name is Courtney Moody. I raise Modern Game Bantams in Brown Red and Lemon Blue, and I also raise Old English Game bantams in BBRed, Blue Red, White, Golden Duckwing, and Blue Golden Duckwing. I'm an alumni of the Auburn-Placer FFA chapter where I was the only poultry person out of about 100 members, and they aptly named me... Chicken Girl. :) I'm trying to get my ABA judging license, but at the moment I'm too young. Maybe in the future I'll judge your birds! I love chickens, nature, drawing, sculpture, digital art, laughing, Batman (lol...) and jeeps. And that's me in a nut shell!
    All my birds are very special to me. They are much more than just profit; they are a part of the family. Our Christmas photo not only included the family dog, but the chickens too. I take the time to keep my birds tame and the birds I sell are completely people-friendly. I love them all to death.

    I have a website dedicated to my birds and poultry in general. I'm always updating it with new information on poultry health, showing poultry, poultry showmanship, and much more. Please stop by, hopefully you'll find it useful!

    Moody's Bantams
    I almost always have birds for sale all year long. Please feel free to ask about any of my birds. I sell partially trained showmanship birds too. They come tame, trained to pose, and have experience on the table. All my birds are vaccinated for Marek's Disease. The chicks are completely isolated from adult birds, vaccinated within their first week of life, and then given two weeks to develop full immunity before they are allowed outside. I breed for both temperament and type, and I've been trying to breed the aggression out of my Game lines. This has proven difficult, but I have been able to breed a lot of the "street smarts" out of my males. Pit breeders look for a male that's smart in the fight. If you pit my males together, they're very clumsy and all they will do is grab each other's hackle feathers and spin in circles. It sickens me that people even consider fighting these birds, so I've taken a stand against it. I hope you find what you're looking for! :)
    I also love art! I have a website with all my paintings. I generally draw fantasy things, but it's all inspired by the chickens. :) Stop by at:
    My Art Site
    All images, including the happy hopping chicken, are (c) to Courtney Moody, all right reserved.

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