Greetings, eggheads!

I am a 4H mom in San Leandro, California (San Francisco East Bay area).

We have had chickens for 10 years, and Muscovey ducks before then.

We currently have FOUR hens... because that is all that you can legally have in San Leandro. (Hey, bees were illegal here until recently.) Amazingly, we get about a dozen eggs a day from our FOUR hens. ;)

Through the years I've gone from hatchery chicks to purebred lines from breeders to what are disdainfully referred to as "Barnyard mixes." Because we don't have roosters, we are raising chickens for the eggs. We have lovely eggs of every hue. We get our birds from a variety of local breeders, and have a rainbow of hens. I can't imagine life without a flock ... but vacationing would be a lot easier!