Moop The Modular Chicken Coop For Design Minded Urban Chicken

By PeterStrzebniok · Sep 12, 2012 · Updated Sep 12, 2012 · ·
  1. PeterStrzebniok






    The Moop (Modular Coop) is the (architect-designed) prefabricated modular chicken coop for the design minded urban chicken.

    It is compact enough to fit in most backyards while being modern enough to make any chicken happy and every owner proud. It is spacious enough for four hens while having a very small footprint that only measures 2'x2' and can be outfitted with runs that measure 4'x2' on either side.

    The Moop is made of weatherproof plywood and treated redwood strips that form a ventilated screen around the nesting boxes and seamlessly transition into a solid roof that protects its inhabitants from the elements.

    The original idea to design a coop came as a Christmas gift for my wife who wanted to raise chickens for eggs. Given our preoccupation with prefabricated architecture and design our intent was to create a chicken coop that incorporates the main advantages of prefabrication while reflecting this novel approach with a contemporary and flexible design.

    After several design iterations, models and adjustments along the way, the Moop was born. Along the way we piqued the interest of several friends and family members and had a surprising number of people tell us that they or someone they knew were also interested in raising chickens...and most of them lived in urban areas like us.

    Although we built the prototype for ourselves, the design is set up for manufacturing. Ideally, the Moop could be shipped anywhere in the country in a simple flat pack set that is easy to assemble with minimum skills and tools.

    The prototype was completed in May 2012 and we’re currently setting up manufacturing.

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  1. BellaBokBok
    not enough room in the run but other than that it's really nice
  2. FuzzyMugz
    Brilliant design. Especially for SF Bay Area / and lots of coastal zones. I DEARLY miss Living in SF, for a million reasons, but most of all for the creative energy so beautifully typified by your modular coop. Best of luck.
  3. PeterStrzebniok
    Thank you for the comments and yes, you are right, the current design is for more temperate areas and for people who want a max of 4 hens. We live in San Francisco (where you are only allowed to have 4 hens) which I wouldn't call warm but it most certainly is not comparable to Northern WI. Having said that, it would be fairly easy to adjust the footprint to be compatible for a different variety of environments and climates.
  4. BrahmaMama2
    Totally agree. Two standard hens tops or 4-5 bantams. In Northern climates (I am in northern WI) you really need at least 8 square feet per hen in the winter time INSIDE or you can have some really bad behaviorial problems.
  5. KyleTownsend
    Really stylish. Nice job.
  6. NovaAman
    it is cute... But not for 4 standard hens... Especially in northern climates where they may not get out for several days. But if I lived in southern regions, I'd like it very much for bantams...

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