[FONT=arial black,avant garde]This is the little EE baby from the earlier picture who is getting her big girl feathers on her head. She is in the "nursery" coop with her friends, one turken, one barred rock (I hope), 1 more EE, one mystery pullet and one mystery cockrel. They are almost 5 weeks old and are still nameless.[/FONT]
Here is the little mystery cockrel. He was the cutest little chick all shades of dark brown and fluffy. I have no idea what he is, he came in an assortment from My Pet Chicken of all standard female chicks. Well I know he isn't a female and he isn't a chick any more so lets just hope he is still a standard.


[FONT=arial black,avant garde]Here are all the nursery babies trying to decide if the great wide world is a good idea or not.....[/FONT]

[FONT=arial black,avant garde]My guess is no..... The little boy jumped out the other day and realized all too quickly he was not up to the task of staying safe in the outside world. He jumped onto one of the older EEs that was dust bathing and she handed him his hiney. He quickly regretted his decision and was peeping up a storm until I could get him back in the nursery coop. The littles can see the bigs and vice versa, some of the hens have insisted on laying in there with the littles. I have to open the door to let the hen in and come back to let her out. Crazy those ladies. The other coop is 8x10 this one is only 4x6. I guess they didn't want to grow up to the big coop either, I did however force the issue today as I couldn't be home to play doorman to 3 crazy hens. They did just fine, layed 4 eggs in the big coop. The number 4 egg was provided by my silkie momma. She has the tiniest little eggs. Not sure how they taste, but they sure are cute! I figure she will get broody shortly, she sat on 13 eggs about 12 weeks ago. 3 silkies and 10 silkie/ee mixes.... They are a sight, fuzzy top knots and fuzzy legs but crazy colors. Not white at all like dear old dad.[/FONT]