More Than Enough Room

By chickenlady126 · Apr 24, 2012 · ·
  1. chickenlady126
    Describe 'more than enough room' here[​IMG]

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  1. chickenlady126
    you want to get a book with chicken coop plans if you plan on building one as well . These are found at any tractor suppy store not sure if you have one in your area or maybe your local library .
    I hope this helped you . If you have any other questions feel free to ask me
  2. chickenlady126
    hi kris
    This is my first coop . I wanted my 12 chickens to have plenty of room to roam around and add chickens if i wanted to the coop.
    Someone more experienced than myself with chickens told me 30 chickens could be in this coop. Do i plan on this many no , but I love my chickens and want them to be happy .
    As far as learning about chickens and coops i went on line and learned a lot . type in search window how to raise baby chicks . different kinds of chickens , there is so much to learn . I also went to a chicken seminar and learned a lot .
    If your keeping a rooster for making more chickens you only should have one. You do not need a rooster to make eggs . sorry if you knew that already i dont know how much you do know about it lol. My coop cost 1000.00 it could have been a lot more . Not all coops cost this much and i had a lot of friends and my husband build this . Ordering one you will not get this size but you will pay about the same money without the space for them to roam around in . my chickens are 6 weeks old there out in the coop this past sunday. where it is warm out there fine to be out there and once they have there adult feathers which they do they can be fine out in a coop. I myself am not keeping any roosters . I do not want to get my neighbors upset with the noise they make all day .
    If it turns out if i have any in the baby silkies i have in the house I will be giving them away at a chicken swap or on craigslist for free .
  3. krisendaaves
    is this the size that i should build for my eleven chickens? if you have time, will you write to me and tell me some details of your situation, such as: was this your first coop to build? ; was it terribly expensive? ; how many chickens do you have? ; how old should mine be when i transfer them outside? ; and what will happen if i cannot find a home for the three cockerels~ i mean, is fighting the reason people only keep one rooster? any advice that you can give me will be great. i am new to this, and have, as usual, bitten off more than i can chew.

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