More than Farm Animals: Five Reasons Why People Should Get Chickens

By Angelo2014 · Jun 27, 2014 · Updated Dec 16, 2014 · ·
  1. Angelo2014
    Chickens are my favorite animal, they are my friends, my companions, and they are my pets. I love them. For a couple of years my mom wanted chickens so that we could have fresh eggs to bake with and eat. In February 2013 the family got three Buff Orpingtons [Candace, Bridgette, and Milou] and three Black Australorps [Princess Leia, Natasha and Katja].

    Bridgette, Candace, and Milou[​IMG]
    Natasha and Katja[​IMG]

    It was my and my older brother’s job to take care of them. All I thought we would be doing would be collecting eggs and feeding them. The first time I laid eyes on them I just wanted to hug them and love them. I spent so much time with them that I could tell them apart and I still can. I learned so much about them and researched about them that I could identify the different breeds and diseases and things. In August we got three Ameraucana chicks [Cozi, Aviva, and Chippy].

    Aviva, Chippy, and Cozi, three days old[​IMG]
    Chippy unfortunately died, which was very sad. In place of her we got two Silver Laced Wyandottes [Siri, and Esther] Siri turned out to be a cockerel and we renamed him Alexander, but we decided to give away to somebody because he was stressing out the hens.

    Alexander, our first cockerel Esther[​IMG][​IMG]
    In February 2014 we got three more chicks two White Leghorns [Bianca, and a cockerel Angelo] and one Silver Laced Wyandotte [Elsa] they are about eighteen weeks old right now.

    I enjoy sitting out there in the sun and watching them. I adore chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Chickens make excellent pets for all ages.
    I would keep them as pets even if it were not for the eggs.
    I love watching them run around in the sun. Whenever I go in the coop they always run up to me, especially Angelo.

    2. Fresh eggs taste a lot better and are not as old as the ones you get in the store. I love fresh eggs, because they taste so much better then store bought ones and are healthier. It is also nice that you know where the eggs are coming from. The time we found the first egg ever [from our Buff Orpington], and the first green egg [from our Ameraucana] was so special and amazing.

    Fresh eggs![​IMG]

    3. Having chickens is a good learning experience.
    I have learned so much since we have had chickens. I have learned about using herbs in different for the chickens for healing and health and diseases, I have learned about different breeds and what types of chickens are the best for eggs and which ones are best for beginners and show breeds and all different things.

    Beautiful Ameraucana feathers
    4. Chickens can eat most scraps so it cuts down on the garbage. Giving them greens and leftovers not only cuts down on the garbage but it also makes them healthier and if they are healthy then their eggs will be better for you.

    5. Chickens teach responsibility.
    You have to be responsible with any type of animal or pet because they are helpless and cannot get food and water on their own. So you have to check on them a lot. When Angelo, our white
    Leghorn cockerel was a few weeks old we noticed that his right leg
    was bigger then the other and when he walked he would limp.

    Angelo, my special cockerel

    As he grew more we notice that his legs were evening out but both of them were still really thick. He limped even more when he walked. I have fed him grain mixed with garlic [because garlic can help with viruses and infections] every day. I love him so much and he is the sweetest and calmest chicken we have ever had. I check on him every day and make sure that he is ok.
    Chickens are so wonderful and I would encourage anyone to get some in their backyard!


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