Hello everyone! I am nested here in the lower part of Arkansas in a small town called McNeil ,I am so glad I found this site, I was for sure I was the only crazy in the world that loved chickens. I guess this all started 35 years ago when the Gibbsons Dept. Store was giving away colored Chicks. As I watched them the man ask would you like to have one I thought oh I could not get just one, so I said can I get one for my brothers and sisters, He Looked down at me with a smile and said how many brothers and siters do you have , and with a Smile I took home a Box full of Purple green yellow pink baby Chicks. All to hear My mother screaming Your Father will never let this happen...She was Scared of everything...To my suprise Dad Loved chicks and was happy to help me get them ready for their new home. Oh and we lived in the City..lol
But I will say I was disapointed when my chicks all turned Red RIR that is...But by then they had the face only a Mother could love.
I have been in for the long haul ever since...And have always had my RIR girls by my side...I have now found the wonderful world of ebay and they got eggs boy do they have eggs. hubby says well i guess i will just have to keep building..shhhh he likes them too...lol I ordered my first black Copper marans eggs they are very dark on day 15 in the bator and have a set of Black Jersey Gaints hoping I do well with the hatch you would think i was the one having the babies.
Bye for Now