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  1. itsmechrissy
    Meet Morticia!

    Morticia is one of our 4 Easter Egger Chickens ... she's the smallest of our four girls, yet we think she is in charge!

    Such a beautiful chick Morticia was! Had she turned out to be a Roo we'd have had to call her Gomez! (Bet you can guess which TV charactor Morticia was named after!)

    Always "the first", Morticia jumped right on that perch on the day we added it to the brooder and took a nap (of course)!

    Before moving to their coop, the girls lived in our dining room...Morticia would always climb the ladder to greet us and get pets whenever we entered the room.

    Brave girl that she is, Morticia was not going to back down when Betty Lou (the cat) came to visit!

    Morticia enjoys a shoulder ride!

    She's is such a pretty pullet and an attention hog for sure!

    The first of our girls to go outside, Morticia enjoyed spending some time with Bruno (our rescue dog :)

    Didn't take long for Morticia to get the other girls to take a stroll around the yard with her.


    Morticia and her sisters love their new coop! (It is much nicer than that dog cage in the dining room :)

    Not 100% sure but pretty confident that Morticia layed the first egg, here's that egg!

    Since July, the girls have been living in their coop and adventuring around the yard each day (with Morticia leading the charge). We recently had our first snow and guess who was the first to check it out? Morticia of course!

    Hope you enjoyed meeting Morticia, she is our babe, all of our girls are..we love them all! Some day soon I'll be sure to introduce you to Lily, Samantha, and Natasha too!

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  1. mille fluer
    a very nice birds
  2. firestrike09
    I find americaunas to be verry dominate in the flock. Mine was the top dog. always the first to fight. Even with a coon. RIP Rex
  3. awesomechicken
    i like the story
  4. itsmechrissy
    I'm glad you all liked Morticia's story. Jasperina, my girls will all jump/fly to get a treat IF it's raisins...they go crazy for those things! (and, of course, Morticia was the first one to do the jump/fly thing :)
  5. Jasperina
    Loved it! I have an EE who is also the head of the flock. She jumps/flys up to get a treat from my hand. Enjoyed your story and the pics were great!
  6. ChickInDelight
    I don't want to launch a back fence debate here. I have backyard quality chickens - not show girls. My two Auracana / Amercianas (Easter Egger) pullets are SO wonderful!!!!
    But really... how did I walk the earth for 50 years for not realizing the wonder of Chickens!!! Debate all you want about whether dogs or cats are man's best friends. Chickens have thier spot at my hearth as well!
  7. shegeekster
    I like Morticia! I have 2 EE and one looks a bit like her, but is lighter with less pattern...I call her Ethel and she is for sure the first to do / try everything! Love your pics :)
  8. acemario
    It's good to know that some Easter Eggers have a good head on their shoulders. (Our EE is a little bit dopey, along with many other EE's I've seen!) haha! Go Morticia!
  9. americana-lover
    truly amazing!
  10. NajmoNests
    Loved the story and pictures. You rule Morticia! <3

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