Mosquitos in the Chicken Coop

Mosquito problems in the chicken coop.
By Mary Monk · Oct 17, 2018 · ·
  1. Mary Monk
    We are having a serious issue with moquitos in the coop at night. I can't wrap the whole coop in mosquito netting. Does anyone have any ideas what can be done organically? I don't want to use harsh chemicals. There is no electricity near the coop so electric type mosquito traps are out. I opened the door at night to check on them and there are about 30 mosquitos in there, possibly more. We live in Louisiana so mosquitos can still be around even in December so we have lots more time with this issue. The pic is of the coop when it was being built. Sorry I do not have the finished pic. The mosquitos are in the part they at night. Thanks for the help. :)

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  1. Yorkshire Coop
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    1. Mary Monk
      Sorry I could not figure it out. I am new. How do I delete this article?
    2. Yorkshire Coop
      No problem. We were all new once. At the bottom of the article there is the report button which you can use to ask for it to be deleted. Myself or another moderator can then take care of it for you. Have you started a thread now? If so I can delete it for you :)
  2. ChickNanny13
    You should post this in the Predator & Pest forum, you'll get response there. You could try planting Citornella plants around the coop? You may want to staple some screen over the wire.
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