Mother Hen Lost her flock today & Sad right now.

By TashaLuv · Aug 24, 2013 · ·
  1. TashaLuv
    Around last Nov-Dec I saw cute lil peeps for sale at Tractor Supply & thought I'd try my hand at raising like 2 well that was good idea but they wouldn't sell just 2 had buy 6 so we got 6 chicks & kept them in house till they were lil older & we could keep them in there house we made & they grow fast but we kept light on for them just in case & we didn't loose any to the cold whew were not sure what they were but they were White & not real big & were told it would take close 9 months before we'd get eggs so maybe 2 months ago we found bitty soft eggs & fixed there food so there shells would harden & they did it was funny out of 6 hens we'd get 5 eggs most the time but soon latter we got 6 eggs about every day & our fridge was over flowing w eggs we gave away a bunch 4 ppl can't eat that many eggs least not us,so we started make something we could build to put by the road & try to sell them we didn't finish it just yet & yesterday we spent most the day at Sis In Law's when a tree fell on her new coop she bought for her hens so we did get that big mess taken care of as pooped as we were & this morning hubby comes in & tells me my hens were Dead all but one that is & I should go look I didn't want to see that but I went & ?? got in tore up the run in more than one spot it got in a few spots my heart hurt w sadness my poor hens & ? killed them lined 4 hens up in a row & left the other rt by there door inside and didn't bother to eat them what a WASTE of my hens & one was alive it made me feel lil better & I was looking for any holes I could patch till latter & she escaped but hubby caught her & put her back in so I had some work to get done & wasn't awake yet so I came back inside & got ready & went out short time latter & then the last alive one was MISSING we looked all over & can't find her so either she got killed too or she's hiding I'm hoping she will come back by night time but there's allot of ppl who let there dogs loose and I saved them hens from Big old Black snakes Twice that were stuck in the webbing on the fence & don't care so who knows & this after a cat I was taking care of & her babies I found her dead in front yard & 3 Vultures trying to eat her & I couldn't bear that so I took care of her so they never could & I finally saw her babies so I try take care of them it's been a rough week I'm home most all the time so critters gave me something to do & often a Laugh but now idk what I'm gonna do until I can get more hens which it's the wrong season it's just very sad but I guess I was lucky to have my 1st hens get this far so the love & care paid off there even my dog lil as he is would pitch a Fit if I went into there Run boy he sure didn't like that they were His Girls think he's even upset he's been under my bed & dose not wanna eat either poor baby now what's to bark about but if ur new like I was & still am make sure ur Run is as strong as it can be ? got my hens went through the ckn wire like nothing better yet lock them up at night w locks so they can't get out & ? can't get in & hope my loss can help save someone else the sadness I feel right now..... :(

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  1. ClucksAndPeeps
    I'm so sorry.
  2. TashaLuv
    My last hen never did come back despite me calling & looking every day w Hope she's around & was Sat or Early Sun even my dog misses them he sniffs,looks for them & I feel Guilty I didn't protect them Better I did catch 2 Large Black Snakes but they got stuck in the netting the girls were saved & I felt good and me & hubby made it & he said often oh ? will get in there No Prob & IDK anything about raising hens it looked pretty safe to me & I look more on the Pos side not Neg but we Both are guilty if he did know it wasn't safe why didn't he insist we make it more secure but a sad lesson learned either way, but his boss lost most of his hens & his were in a barn so it happens & his boss had 2 left & he's done w chickens and said we can have them & when I can find pullets ready Jan-Feb we'll try again & think an Elec fence & even Sec Lights seeing our dogs bark at Everything & Anything so it's like the boy who cried wolf after awhile were like be quiet & ?? killed my hens Tore the chicken wire like scissors cut through paper so the lil spot of green garden fence we used when we ran out of wire,fencing was prob nothing & ? it was I found no sign of hair or blood from the ckn wire it hurt me so U'd think it would hurt other animals but I now know the weak spots & not having a home supply store close bye we used what we had & for temp door patch I'm gonna use a fridge metal rack it's thick & strong so unless it's a bear I think it should be ok for now... :(...
  3. TashaLuv
    Thanks Rock Mom I still feel just awful & the missing one wasn't seen so think my hope isn't gonna help I even looked on-line for new hens but the cost is high & I'd have start over again & I just started getting eggs or I can quit which I'm not a fan of but I have time to Fort Knox there run the house would be ok we made that right & I'd not want 1 un happy hen this Stinks plenty of critters here in NC & got the hens not long after I moved here for ? to do gonna be a sad Mon w nothing to do no funny hens wanting Grass,grass & more grass silly girls ughhhh or pay what close 200.00 for 5 hens yikes I'm disabled & can't afford that,live & learn all can do....Thanks...
  4. BarredRockMom
    Oh honey, what a sad day you've had! I'm so sorry to hear this. Sounds like racoons or possibly an opossum? I hope your missing girl comes home. If she does, she won't want to stay in her coop all alone,& who can blame her. So maybe she'll have to come stay inside with you for a while until it's safe? Perhaps search this site for tips on predator proofing the chicken house & yard before getting any more? I'm so sorry you had to go thru this. It's an awful, awful way to learn that predators are in your area. Good news is they were wonderful friends for you. Bad news is that sometimes what you do in good faith & by honest effort might not work, and it breaks your heart every time.
  5. Whittni
    Sorry for your loss.

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