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By Mother_Hen · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Mother_Hen
    Hi, I'm Melissa, I'm 36, Wife to Paul, Mum to two future adults, Hamish (nearly 6yrs) & Amber (1 &1/2yrs) and live in New Zealand on a suburban 1/4 arce section.
    We have many pets that keep us busy and very amused: 3 mature tabby Moggy's - Jasmine, Squawk & Big Boy (aka B.B), 1 teenage Dog - Optimus Prime (aka O.P), many fresh water tropical fish (mostly Mollies, about 30+, 1 Pakistani Loach) & now our 3 Rhode Island Reds - names TBC - Hamish calls them Hamish Junior, Amber Junior & OP Junior. I simply call them "my girls".
    In time I will post photo's here and keep updating our backyard chooks progress.
    Amber would have loved this to be her playhouse

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