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  1. mothergoose
    Hello, Mothergoose here!

    This is our family farm...Ritter Livestock.

    We are located in east central Illinois. We raise a variety

    of livestock and we are huge gardeners. My husband, myself & our 5 children enjoy our large family hobby.

    We do not ship live birds . Below is a list of the breeds we are

    currently working with. We have downsized due to work and sports schedules. We are mainly raising livestock for our kids for 4H only. We occassionally will have something for sale but very limited.



    Muscovy ducks

    White Runners

    Bantam Blue, Black , Splash & White Cochins.

    **We also raise:

    ADGA Reg. Nubian & Saanen dairy goats

    Email to or
    visit us at
    Happy Hatching Everyone & Thanks for looking!
    Christie (Mothergoose)

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  1. dmccann
    It has been a long r u?

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