I am happily married to my first love, Mike. We have been married for eleven years in June 2012. We have two sons, 7yrs old and 3yrs old, and a daughter due in July. I live on my hubby's family farm, where we hope to start our own little sustainable homestead. We have French Lop rabbits, 7cats, and 2dogs, all except the rabbits are rescue animals. We started with chickens last year, and now have two pigs as well, and a horse. I no longer have my frizzled cochin or black silkie breeding stock. I do have a white silkie rooster, two splash silkie hens, and a few EE's. My boys love being outdoors and gardening, and of course animals so we are looking forward to this year to continue to expand. I got two frizzled cochins out of the eggs from BYC that I put in with my EE's. I also have 12 chicks that I bought at TSC (I could not resist). All together I have 21 in the brooder right now that are feathering out nicely. I also have some of my EE eggs and some of a fellow BYCer's EE's in the incubator right now. I bought a dozen silkies... but the post office ruined them and none developed. The current eggs are due to hatch this weekend. 4/21/12

Here is a pic of our two splash silkie hens:

Here is a pic of our white silkie roo as a baby:

And one of our EE's free ranging:

The family "farm"started out as really a couple hundred acres of woods and fields. We have a few areas fenced now, and are continuing to work at it each year. You can follow us at http://oakhavenhomestead.blogspot.com/