I've been Mourning my Chickens over One Year (now going on 3 years)

We had to move to a place where we barely had shelter ourselves much less adequate shelter for Rocky Rooster and his hens (12 Ornamental Bantams) so I found a good home for them and only now am I able to write about their loss. I loved them so much.
I dearly loved the way our chickens talked to each other, chased each other, how the hens taught the chicks the rules of life; I loved the way their cute little tails waddled as they moved through the yard free ranging without worry.
This spring if I can prepare a secure chicken house, we are going to get some more chickens but this time we are going to get Rhode Island Reds or something like them. And where we live now they will have to be fenced in for protection from the neighborhood dogs. Anyway, this is the first time I've returned to my beloved Chicken Forum. (Note: I didn't get it done last spring. Next post below shows we are trying again.)

December 30, 2011 We are building a chicken coop this winter for chickens we will get this spring

Larry and I, slow moving but determined, are beginning to build our next chicken coop. Our first coop built about 5 years ago was a beauty and built so well Larry's brother asked if we'd rent it to him. But this time we aren't going to build anything so complicated. I hope to get a digital camera soon so we can take pics to put here.