OK it was a 32'x24' garage that was attached to a house in a buyout program in the flood plain. House was demolished and thegarage was in real good shape and my SO said he wanted to move it to my place and I said You wanna WHAT!? There was one wall missing where it was attached to the house. Brace it up really well to keep it somewhat square. You cant see the inside bracing in the corners we put up but like I said they were short 2x8s and 2x10s screwed into the wall studs at an angle and the jacks were put under these. Use 2 hydraulic jacks at a corner; jack 1 as high as it will go; block up the 2nd jack with wood and jack this one up releasing the 1st jack and back and forth blocking the building up too with wood and timber as you go. Get a good low trailer and I-beams to support the overhang- Heavy lumber or railroad ties could be used for this as well depending on the weight and size of your building. It can be done! Here's some pics. It really was quite a project and we figured if it didn't make it we'd have a hell of a bonfire! Also if you do this and have any questions you can pm me and I can try and explain further. Good Luck to you!

Bracing it up:

Over the dike:

The hard part was making it in my driveway!

Setting it on the foundation:


And there it sits. Now with the wall built and the roof fixed and the little porch boxed in. Jeez that would make a good chicken coop wouldn't it!