June 12, 2012 update - Got some bad news - turns out my marriage is over and I will be leaving the lovely farm and new barn discussed below. But I thought I would leave some of the details below on this page in case anyone might find the ideas useful. Guess it's an opportunity to start a new page and a new coop once I find a new home.

Coop # 2 - February 1, 2012 - Here's the start of the chicken run (36'x11') - you can just see the door into the coop behind the ladders:

Here's the door from the run into the coop - this one swings into the coop and can be latched open - there will be a second outer door (solid) that swings into the run and can be latched open (or closed if the weather is too bad):

This is the door from the coop into the interior of the barn:

February 20 - it was finally warm enough Friday and Saturday to put on two coats of paint in the coop - then we got 8 inches of snow on Sunday! The following pictures are panning from left to right (or from the door to the outside run over towards the door to the inside of the barn). Also, the roosts and the roof on the nest boxes are dark green - everything else is white on these two walls. The other two walls are the bare wood - they will be sealed at some point!