We are relatively new to the world of raising chickens. We received a "surprise" chicken on my son's 6th birthday in June 2010. When I say surprise, I mean that he received it as a gift, but the givers never cleared it with me before giving it to him. Anyway, we decided to embrace the little chicken and see what happened. A couple of weeks after receiving the chick, my husband went out and bought another chick because we were told that they are social creatures.
Presently, we have 2 chickens (Mr. Chicky is 100% rooster as we have found out within the last couple of days). Ming-Ming is a hen who isn't laying yet. She is as white as snow and small (maybe a Bantam?). The free-range during the day and are cooped at night. We live in a residential neighborhood so we're not sure if keeping Mr. Chicky will be in the grand plan. He is really loud. Time will tell. We would all be heartbroken if we had to give him away. It is amazing how chickens can actually become like pets. I would have never expected that. Ming-Ming was held a lot when she was new so she is very tame. She comes when called and will sit on your lap as long as you want her. Mr. Chicky is a bit skiddish, but will follow you around if you have a shovel in hopes of getting some earth worms during the digging process.
Personally, I am a mom to three kids (6,4,2), 2 fire-belly toads, 3 lizards, 1 turtle, a praying mantis and Ming-ming and Mr. Chicky. We're a small, uneven version of Noah's Ark!