Welcome to my BYC page!! As you can see I'm a barred rock chicken lover. We live in South Carolina where the summers are hot and the winters are mild. Great for chickens!!! The lovely chickens live in a 25' x 80' pen split into three sections. The far section is 11 hens that are laying eggs for me everyday. The middle section is Freddy and the girls. These are the ones that contributed to the incubator babies. Which these are in the third section. all covered by a bird netting to keep out unwanted owls and hawks.
This is my roo... Freddy. He's the only one I have at the moment. He takes care of six Barred Rock Ladies. and is very proud too...


And these are thier babies. We incubated three batches in two incubators. They are the cutest things....

And then there is Panda, the chicken protector... she loves to watch them all day.