My Hen house build took what seemed like forever. I built it mostly by myself with a little help from DH, especially toward the end (thank you DH for helping when I was almost ready to give up). I started before my chicks got here and still ended up racing to get it done before they got too big. Located in Hot Mississippi my design was focused on good air circulation with the ability to close up things when the cold weather sets in.


I decided to add on to my existing duck run and keep the chicken run about the same size. The duck run was built with PT 2X4S bracketed together. Ducky got a little home improvement as well. Dimensions of the run are 12ft x 8 ft.
I put a new metal roof and wood floor on his house!


Here you can see the frame of the run and the start of the base. You can also see part of the picket fence and post and rail fence (with wire) behind; horses are kept there. I had problems with predidation with my ducks until I completely fenced in my backyard. The dogs are free to come and go in the backyard and I have 3 barn cats that patrol the area. I haven't had any losses since.
The frame is PT 2x4 s and the base is PT 2x6 s setting on concrete blocks.


Plans on page 2
Roof on page 3
Framing and Siding on page 4
Finishing up on page 5