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By MSP · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jul 30, 2012 ·
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    Framing from here on was traditional framing of the window and door openings. This helped to make the structure solid. The framing kit doesn't call for this and relies on the siding to give the building rigidity. I wanted lots of windows so I needed more framing.


    I am putting in 7 windows, one chicken door and one human door.

    I nailed on the siding as soon as the framing was done. The door is an old closet door that we never used in our house. It was not intended for outdoor use so it will get protected with paint and replaced if it doesn't work out. It was the perfect scale for Hen house because it was small!
    ... And it was free!


    The windows will be cut out after the siding is nailed but the door was fitted and cut before nailing.

    No! It did not come out perfectly but I have plenty of 1x4s to trim and cover all my mistakes !


    DH cut out the windows by making a starter hole and using my saws all. I saved all the cut outs and will trim them and use them as hurricane shutters.

    Run and floor on page 1
    Plans on page 2
    Roof on page 3
    Finishing up on page 5

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