Szekely Farm Frolics​

Life and fun on the Szekely Farm, Vermilion, Ohio​
Calamity at the Farm!

Last night I had band rehearsal and DH was at work. I got home about 9:30 PM to find that one of the chicks had closed the coop door with 33 of 50 still out in the yard!
Of course, all were sleeping in a chicken pile. I waited until DH got home at 10:15, then he pulled back the cover of the 3 foot high coop and I climbed in. I spend 10 minutes on my knees in chicken sh*t picking up each little one and putting them in the coop for the night. Most of them were quitet about it, but I did have 1 flapper and one screamer. After they were all in I shut the door, DH latched it from the inside. The girls all made it to roost, and all was well.


Bert tries to crow!

I was in the coop this morning feeding the chicks when I heard what I thought was a goose honking. I heard it twice, and was surprised that the chicks didn't run back in to the coop from the yard. When I was done filling the feeders I went outside to look. There was Bert, flapping his wings, and in a moment came the sound HO_ONK!