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By JenniferJoIN · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. JenniferJoIN
    Mt. Healthy Feedback

    BYC Member Name: OHChick
    Date chicks received: May 14, 2007
    What you ordered: 25 NH Red baby chicks
    Positive Feedback: Very healthy chicks. I had no loss. They are gorgeous. Everyone says how nice my chickens are!!
    Negative Feedback: None
    Other Info: They put in a rooster as a packing peanut, he's great too!!!

    Will you order from them again? Absolutely.

    BYC Member Name: Wynette
    Date chicks received: May 2007
    What you ordered: Ameraucanas, Black X links
    Positive Feedback: Good variety, good customer service
    Negative Feedback: None
    Other Info: Got one roo. (was told they are close to 100% accuracy for pullets, just my luck!)

    Will you order from them again? Probably not, only because since joining BYC, I've "met" enough folks that I think I'd prefer ordering from someone I know, and I trust you all!

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