The Silverleaf Chicken Palaces

We are still in the process.... We need paint and clean-up!
The Silverleaf Chicken Breeds that we currently have are Rhode Island Reds
Easter Eggers!

The first Chicken Palace we built by recycling alot of left over wood, ect.
We've added vinyl white panels
for sun protection. They really needed some shade this summer! This Chicken Palace consists now of 4 RIR's
Prince Caspian and his 3 Girls


Here is what the inside of the Chicken Palace looks like.....
The Second Chicken Palace we built was for our Easter Eggers!
When they are ready to lay the eggs will be wonderful shades of green!

And here are our Easter Eggers!


We have 9 Beautiful Pullets and one Awesome Rooster
named TriRoo


Our third Chicken Palace Belongs to 7 more RIR's
HandsomeRoo and his 6 girls
We had to seperate them because all the Reds together were not getting along.....
I hope to be able to incorporate them all together in the Spring!
Here is what the Palace looks like:

Needs some paint and some nesting shelves! Right now it just has 2 Roost on the
North and South side.....
Here are some pictures of HandsomeRoo and his girls


We started getting eggs on 9-2-09 from our 3 original RiR
Now our EE's are laying!
Here is what the eggs are looking like!
Well.... My Wonderful husband and I started this adventure on April 4th 2009
We went to TSC and bought 10 RIR straight run and ended up with only
3 pullets.... so I bought 10 more from someone in N Georgia and ended up with
6 more pullets... I gave away all the Roo's I didn't need. I bought my EE's from
a wonderful person in NW Georgia who might be willing to sell me some of her
true Ameracaunas!
I am hoping to add some Silverlaced Wyandottes and True Purebred Ameracaunas
in the Springtime.... Have to get a couple more Chicken Palaces built!
Thank you for looking at my BYC Page!
God Bless and Happy Chicken Raising