Okay, so I shall give this Blog thing a try.
March 15, 2011;
Chicken coop is almost finished. BJ has made it very stout and critter proof and it si so cute - I will post pics soon. I am working on the pen for the chickens. Digging out under the fencing so I can bury a 2X6 attached to chicken wire to help keep skunks out. It wont be the best barrier to protect against digging but it sould work well enough with dogs and horses around. I am more worried about raccoons trying to get in, but I think every thing should be strong enough to keep them out. I am also considering running a hot wire if I do have any problems.
I have ordered two batches of eggs, the hens are very pretty and the eggs will be every color, browns, blues, greens.... I have a bid in on some Light Sussex eggs also. Those birds will be beautiful running around with my colorful flock. I wanted pretty birds to watch and pretty eggs to collect; and I may just end up with both. I am eggcited about it!

March 16, 2011;
Found some heavier fencing for the coop, so called "snake wire". It should work quite well for the back side of the pen. We got the coop moved into place and leveled. Only a few more finishing touches.
*New info: I read that when you recieve shipped eggs you should set the small end down and leave them for 12 - 24 hours, so the eggs can reach room temp and the air in the egg can collect at the top. Which is where the egg sack developes for the forming chick.

March 17, 2011;
Pick up eggs from the PO. I thought eggs were shipped over night....No
It is Priority Mail, so it takes the 3 or so days. Anyway, the eggs were shipped out on the 15th and arrived today in good condition. Love the colors.
I am currently having a terrible time trying to post pics.........