Above is a view from the yard at the coop and run, ready for winter.
This is the coop, the original home of my 5 Bantam Cochins. I have plans for an addition.
This is the nest box I made out of a cat litter bucket that my girls like to use. Below WAS a picture of my modest little flock. After an attack by a couple opposums, all that are left are the two white ones. I have plans to add more bantam cochins. And I just got 6 New Hampshire Reds (that were suppose to be Buff Orpingtons) girls and looking for a boyfriend for them!
Here are my New Tractor. (Ignore the weeds in the garden though.) This is now the home of my two bantam cochins.
Here are my month old New Hampshires, I have visions of eggs in my future!!