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  1. TerrorBird
    At the end of April 2012, I went to the local feed store and picked up four chicks: a Barred Rock, a Black Sexlink, and two Black Australorps. They spent their first six weeks of life in a playpen up in our spare bedroom. Four weeks of my life were spent in that room because whenever they were left alone, they'd scream their little heads off. They were too cute and sweet to be left alone. They've become beautiful girls and I love them dearly.

    This is Muffet. As a chick, she would flutter up to my shoulder and jump on my head. She'd settle up there and wouldn't come down unless I picked her up. My head was her tuffet. She likes to be picked up and cuddled so I take advantage of that fact often. She likes to follow me around the yard when I'm trying to be productive so that she can undo any gardening I might be doing.

    This is George. When we looked in the BSL brooder at the feed store, I noticed a dead chick and told an employee. He reached in and picked it up, which prompted one of the chicks to rocket over to see what was going on. I snatched her up. We were calling her Curious George but shortened it. She's a very nosey girl who loves to follow me whenever I go into their house to clean up poopy areas or collect eggs. She'll fuss at me the entire time I'm in there. When I rake leaves, she feels that it is her job to redistribute them.

    This is Pengin. She looked like a penguin chick when she was still a tiny thing. She always lagged way behind her friends developmentally and caused me a certain amount of worry. She laid her first egg when she was eight months old. She's the highest-ranked of the four. She's quite independent, but she still lets me pick her up and hug her. When we had a rooster for a while, she stood up to him. They'd have stare-downs and she'd win. She likes hopping up into the cherry tree and pretending that she's a wild bird.

    This is Pudge. As a chick, she had the cutest pudgy face. She's my favorite of the four. She's quite cuddly and will sit on my lap for half an hour if I let her. She likes to try to eat my hair. She'll focus on one curl and keep on trying. I tell her that she's my best stylist and I'll always be in fashion with her on the job. One time when I was putting out a new suet cake for the wild birds, I knocked a very large leftover chunk out of the feeder for the girls. Most of the 16 girls were there at the time and they started picking at the crumbs first. Pudge zeroed in on the large chunk and struck like a viper. She sprinted around to the backyard. George tried to get it but returned empty-beaked. When I went around the house, I found her finishing off the last few crumbs.

    These four girls of mine make my life happier and I can't imagine my flock without them.

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  1. TerrorBird
    Thanks for all of your kind words!
    chicki-vicki - We chicken people are always happy to help! Have fun!
  2. chicki-vicki
    Thankyou so very much. You have been encouraging.I am a newbee, and I really wont my girls (that is when I get them this spring) to be friendly pets, that would make me so happy. Even though I dont have them yet they are allready named. I'm preparing their coop and run, with my visiting seating area now. Whichever one is the mothering caretaker will be honored with my grandmother's nick Sweet-Momma, I'm sure there will be bossy one, it will get my sisters namesake Sandy, my best friend who encouraged me to take this on will get 1 in her honor - her middle name is Rose and I often call her noisy - rosey, my daughter at age 43 just took on a nick(which I dont like-or understand,she has a beautiful name ) oh well 1 will be called Shay - since that is what she tries to get me to call her-nope but I call a chicken Shay, (that should get her goat)LOL,. There will no doubt be a trickster amoung the group, rightly name tricki-vicki,(a nick given to me yrs. ago), and my last but not lest girlwill get Fuzzy(my hubby's nick)oh and if I decide to try a rooster he will be crowned Bubba ( after my 1 and only dear brother)(seems allmost every little southern boy was called Bubba back in the 50's. I am just getting started with a hobby of my very own at the mellowed age of 61. Guess you can tell I'm excited - and you all have really encouraged me to go at it. When I get this all done - I will be back with pic's I'll have show off - a bit.
  3. willowbranchfarm
  4. Sk8inChick(en)
    pretty flock!
  5. Going Bhonkers
  6. Eggnog101
    They are so precious! Lovely photographs!
  7. Brucepierce
  8. soler
    i greatly enjoyed your foursome and the narrative. I am definitely stealing the name "Muffet" for one of my hens! I love it!
  9. Buffygirl
    So I guess it isn't just my two black sex links, Pearl and June, that are curious...
    Those are awesome pictures and stories, and I love your Australorps.
  10. LoveChickens123
    i love the last picture of Pudge she is so sweet looking they are all so sweet
  11. TerrorBird
    Thanks! These four are the friendliest I've ever had. I've had chickens for about nine years now, but I'm enjoying the lifestyle more than ever now!
  12. Lifestudent
    Chickens do make wonderful pets. We started ours from baby chicks last spring too. They had a run in our family room so we spent plenty of time with them too. Looks like you're having a wonderful time with your pet chickens.
  13. MarcoPollo
    Aw, they are so pretty.
  14. 3Dchicken
    Cuties! :DDD
  15. Chickenfan4life
    I love all the names! Wonderful flock!
    Those are very beautiful chickens.
  17. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.
  18. chickenpooplady
    Very nice flock. Muffet is beautiful!

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