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Muggymugs Member Page

By MuggyMug · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. MuggyMug
    Recently I moved back to my homeland in Texas, and couldnt be happier. Moved back with the family dog and two cats. Since then two more cats have somehow added theirselves to the family. I have always dedicated myself to animals since who knows. Last christmas was spent with my mom and I trying to save the neighbors dog, probably the best christmas ever :)
    Always adored chickens from afar, but now that I have the room. And found the byc site, I am convinced to get a few chickens :) Being homeschooled I assured my mom it could be an extra curricular activity. She, who grew up with numerous farm animals including chickens, accepted. Yayy, so I am waiting for spring to come ,and evaluating all my choices to get my chicks from amd what breed. Origanally I am a Jersey Giant fan, the bigger the better? I think. :)

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