My wife Yukiko and I have a small beekeeping business that helped us make the move from the city out to the country. (Click on the Bee above if you want to check out our website ;-) We have the most pristine honey available. No chemicals at all used in the hives, and I don't even reuse the wax. All of the honey gets crushed and strained, raw and pure as soon as the bees make it.


We just moved from Clearwater Florida to Lake Wales Florida area and couldn't be happier!
We are very excited that our move to the country will allow us to keep chickens, which for many city-slickers has been a long sought after desire, but impossible due to zoning restrictions to pull off.
We have already enjoyed the friendship to be found on backyardchickens and look forward to meeting many of you in person!

Here is Yukiko as we moved into our place, laughing at how long our driveway is. Quite the change for city folk:

Yukiko's first time ever on a riding lawnmower. She took one pass, found it hot and sweaty and guess who actually did the mowing? Yes, me.