About 6 years ago I moved to the country with lots of land around me. My first thought was "ohhh I could have chickens!" Well the hubby wasn't having anything to do with chickens...he did everything he could to talk me out of it. I let it go.
Then we divorced, my boyfriend then moved in with us (my two girls) and one day we were sitting outside on the deck and I told him the story of wanting chickens. He said he had them as kids and started telling me about them. Then last winter we went to visit
a cousin of his and they had chickens and that was the end of me. We came home, I ordered 12 red sex-links, we built a coop, 11 were delivered. I just thought that would make me happy...but then I ordered more 13 more (well the missing one from the last shipment was free)
Looking around this site and in magazines I saw the Silky Chicken and thought it was hysterical. Then I saw a Silky/Polish cross and that was my next mission. I now have two silky hens and a rooster and I have 8 eggs in the incubator (5 were forming, then I dropped one candling :( and so now I am down to 4 viable) The hen herself is sitting on 13 eggs as well.

I just need to find a polish hen, so I can get my crossbreed silky/polish.

I can't believe how addictive chickens are...