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By DallasBarredRoc · Aug 17, 2012 · Updated Aug 17, 2012 ·
  1. DallasBarredRoc
    2012 the year I got chickens!!! My backyard chicken adventures started when I purchased my Brinsea Mini incubator, and got 7 barred rock eggs from the farm just down the road to incubate and hatch myself! How exciting and scary all at the same time.

    I candled all my eggs and could only see 6 out of the 7 developing, but since it was my first hatch I decided to keep all 7 for the full 21 days. And turns out my candling skills are the bomb and 6 hatched like I had predicted. But I had 6 noisy wet chicks in my tiny incubator, I was so not ready for chicken motherhood lol!

    For the first week of life they lived inside a big blue rubbermaid bin that I religously clean out 3 times a day. I was so shocked the day after their first night in the brooder to find chick food EVERYWHERE! oh and ****! How could 6 tiny little things make such a huge mess? They mostly wasted all their food by scratching at it with their feet before taking a few small "bites". I also added ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to the chicks water, and still do to this day. I tried to feed them yogurt, which I heard was SO good for baby chicks but they wouldn't touch it, They pretty much just stepped in it and got it all over eachother.

    Now the fun part THE COOP!! We used an old garden shed...

    to be continued...

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