My 100% Canadian Coop!

By Sorya C · Jul 31, 2017 ·
  1. Sorya C
    I live in Canada with my amazing chickens, and super cold winters. I have a newly painted coop, that looks new now. We built it ourselves but we did not take step-by-step pics. But here is a before and after painted look!


    We have two Light Sussex, Peepa and Dory who are now 1 year and 4 weeks old.

    We got a new chicken: Buffy, she is a Buff Orpington. We also added an extension because the big ones love to peck and chase Buffy, now they have more room (meaning less tag playing).

    The back of the coop: we added a lighter door, and a stick so it would keep the door up without using our hands. the nest boxes are there. We have a tree stump on the right of the run, with added sticks on it so the chickens can climb on the top. (Buffy in the door, it's her new favourite spot). 20170731_110200[1].jpg

    The front of the coop: We have wire everywhere, even on the top so flying predators can't get them. The tree stump is there as I was talking about. We added curtains on the door (not very fancy, but useful.) so they can still get in, but the curtains stop the major winds and most of the water. We chose sand as the flooring for the run, as it is easier to clean. In the corner we also have a box of food, (on the right hand side, in back of the tree you can see a brown box.) You might also be able to see a tire in back, on the left, we have a dust bath with ash, DE, and sand. And a few fruits (watermelon and cantaloupe) in a white dish. 20170731_110309[1].jpg
    The Inside: We have another waterer in the coop. And a feeder made out of a gutter, the nest boxes are on the left, we put hay in them. We also have 2 spaces where Buffy can hide if the big ones decide to attack. We put a box under the roosts because they only ever poop in one spot (they are always outside). The roost was cut off of apple tree branches. We chose wood shavings because it is so much easier to clean and it does not go everywhere (I think the chickens like it better too). Finally, we have a ceramic wall-protector because the poop used to go everywhere on the wall and we would have to crawl in the coop to scrub of the poop, and our chicken has diarrhea so it leaks everywhere on the wall (EWW):sick , so that way everything lands on the ceramic, (it is much easier to clean) you can just take a shovel and take it all off at once. We can even take it off and clean it with soap once in a while. We also have a window, they love watching us get out of the car while they are eating, or see us walking by while they are on the roost.

    I hope this helped anyone who needed ideas for their coop! Comment and rate! Thank you!

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