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  1. mfpif16
    I got three beautiful bantam favorolle hens in August as my very first chickens. Before this, of corse, was the long hours of research and doing my best too convince my parents. I'm a 12 year old girl living some where in New England, in the suburbs. Trust me, if I lived on a farm, I'd have a lot more then three chickens! Every day, I see them doing some new activity that amazes me, or just notice all over again the cute little things that they do. I want to share with every one my awesome experience in keeping chickens, thus- this thread. One of my girls died about a month ago for no apparent reason, and for a while the flock seemed a little lonely. After all, you can't really have a flock of only two. I think they've gotten over it now, and are back to life as usual. Well, for a little while anyway...after all, it almost time to start thinking about what breed of chicks to get in spring!

    Popcorn, our little diva, loves strutting around for the cameras!



    Popcorn in the coop. She just finished eating her scratch. She's always been the more adventurous eater of the two, and when I hold out a handful of scratch, she's always the first one to run over.

    Foraging in the backyard:

    my little girl loves being held...

    ...being out in the cold- not so much.


    Popcorn is getting ready for her next photo shoot;

    Phoebe has found something tasty. luckily, she doesn't mind sharing;

    sitting together on the play structure;

    This is my favorite picture. I waited until Popcorn flew off the deck, then took it as she landed.

    edit; 2/8/13
    today is a sad, sad day in our house hold. We were noticing that Phoebe looked sick and wasn't eating yesterday, and when I came to open the coop this morning, she was dead. We don't know what happened, although it may have had to do with snow-storm Nemo, or what ever the weather geeks are calling it. Either way, I guess our flock of 2 is down to a flock of one. [​IMG]

    Some how, despite the tarp draped over every inch of the coop, snow still managed to get in there last night, and I had to literally dig the coop out of a 3 foot snowdrift this morning. I'm still freaked out over what happened to Phoebe, so my solution? Bring Popcorn inside and never let her out of sight. Obviously, this plan has some flaws. When I got tiered of carrying a chicken around, I put up a makeshift barrier in my room, put lots of newspaper in the floor, and left her in there with food, oatmeal, and water. I went out to play in the snow, and came back to find that Popcorn had flown up on to my desk, something I never thought she could even manage, in search of a good roost. For anyone reading this, I suggest not leaving a board chicken alone in your room for more then 10 minutes. They will poop on everything, (including my flute and my laptop) knock everything off your desk, and generally wreak havoc. So, the lesson I learned today? Popcorn has NO future as a house chicken. [​IMG]

    Spring has officially sprung, and it is time to start thinking about chicks! Actually, I probably should have been thinking about chicks a while ago, but life is incredibly busy lately. We are going to get either three new bantam pullets or two new full sized, and I emailed the breeder yesterday about what breeds they have. I can't hold in my excitement any longer, so the obvious thing to do? come on BYC and tell everyone about it. YAY FOR NEW CHICKENS!!!![​IMG]
    ps: if you have any breed suggestion's, please leave a comment!

    Popcorn laid her first egg today, right in time for passover! We are hard-boiling it for the sader plate. I guess Popcorn is a jewish chicken. [​IMG]

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  1. mfpif16
    yeah! chicken lovers unite! my friends think I'm crazy.
  2. Snob Doctor
    Ahhh you remind me of me! I'm the only chicken-obsessed young lady I know :p Your girls are precious!
  3. mfpif16
    :) thanks! they're kind of funny looking, but I like it.
  4. chickenpooplady
    Beautiful flock!
  5. JaxGrits
    Aw, I love Popcorn's beard! I had to get rid of my rooster this weekend because I live in the middle of town too. He had a beard just like that.
  6. Brookliner
    Beautiful birds.
  7. BantamFan4Life
  8. mfpif16
  9. Familyochickens
    very nice, thanks for sharing

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