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My 3 Month Old Chicks

By roostersandhens · Nov 15, 2013 · Updated Dec 18, 2013 ·
  1. roostersandhens
    This is Scribble my pretty 3 month old rooster. He is a Americauna X Barred Rock X Blue Cochin X Black Australorp.
    Scribble is a sweet boy! He loves to be held! He makes the cutest noises!!! He's looking like he is going to have his daddy's look.

    This is Pip my other 3 month old rooster:
    Pip is a bit aggressive, bites. I love him anyways! He is VERY strong!

    This is Puff my 3 month old hen:
    Puff is really cute! Her puffy cheeks are just adorable! She is so sweet! I lover her so much!

    I love the 2nd picture of Puff but I like the 1st one too! Puff's expression in the second one is just so cute!
    This is the 2nd picture but zoomed in more:

    All the chicks are siblings and same breed! Hope you like 'em!

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