My adventures of becoming a back yard chicken mama

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  1. BackYardChknLvr
    Describe 'My adventures of becoming a back yard chicken mama' here.. Well last summer i met some new horse riding friends out by my parents house and since i was hanging out with them basicly all summer they had chickens. I"ve always loved chickens but never thought about getting any, since i've been a parrot and reptile kind of gal all my life.. But as i hung out there more and more i found 1 chicken that she had that i simply fell in love with.. so i saved up threw out the summer last year and started my little own hurd.. I have a few difficult times threw out my time and its almost will be a year in about 4 months since i started being a back yard chicken.. my difficults though is i have lost about 8 chickens saddly either from my cats and dog cause they were learning and now they have learned not to kill the feathury critters. or Coons as i was still learning about how to set there home up.. Or a simple mistake that i made that cost a life and so didnt mean to R.I.P Nutmeg i'm sorry mama forgot to put the coop lid down after chasing those ducks she sold... But i've had a very adventure year and have learned alot.. I am now a proude mama of 9 wonderfull hens and 2 wonderfull and sweet Roo's and now 3 new banti babies 1 silkie and the other two not sure but i'll figure out when they grow up. oh and i was a mama of 9 hen ducks and 3 drakes.. but i have slimmed down on them and now got 4 hen ducks and 1 drake left.. 4 beautiful Kayuga hens and 1 very naughty and obnoctiouse Khaki Campbell Drake.. i am a single gal so i take much pride in my animals as i own alot and every one has brought such joy and love in to my heart as i care and love for every one... I am trying to start to save up best i can so i can move out in to the country area a bit.. Cause i really want to get a bigger place then i have now for my lovelies and some day they will have it so now on to my pics of all my babies and some that are no longer around.. Enjoy what i have enjoyed
    [​IMG] This is Azuri "Black/white crest polish" and Big Red "Road Island Red"

    [​IMG] Bill "Silver lace Polish roo".. Patunia "GOld lace polish"

    [​IMG] Patunia & Harlow behind her "buff Polish"

    [​IMG] Ted my other "silver lace Polish Roo"

    [​IMG] Hemi my dog putting up with Ted thinking his tail is a worm

    [​IMG] Hemi cheking out Patunia she is not a scared chicken she is very adventrouse

    [​IMG] Ted & Patunia

    [​IMG] Left, Staples she was attacked by a coon saved her just in time took 14 stables in her shoulder and neck to save her.. Next is Goldie my Black Sex link, then Blue my Blue Araucona

    [​IMG] this is Harrold my Khaki Campbell Drake with his 4 Cayuga Hens

    [​IMG] POppy Seed this is mama's big baby girl she gets so geliouse when i give others attention she is not patient at all

    [​IMG] my 4 Cayuga Hen ducks decided to take over my baby polish's area while they were outside exploring and learning to get alog with the other chicks

    [​IMG] THis of all my ducks the two green heads were my Drake Magpies and i forgot what the silver/blueish ones were call and those were there hens

    [​IMG] Harrold was getting jeliouse over Patunia and Harlow cause i was giving them attention not him so he jumped on the chair and started being a typical naughty boy and started biting at me.. but i love him even though i some times want to throw him in a deep fryer LOL


    [​IMG] Bill and all his glory this is actually when i first found out Bill was a boy.. cause this is when he first decided to start crowing and he was only 3 months old

    [​IMG] another mama's girl harlow <3

    [​IMG] Big red the boss of the back yard

    [​IMG] Blue posing for the new weathervain Compititoin

    [​IMG] Azuri

    [​IMG] this is Zelda another one of my babies.. she also had an inocodent with the big mean coon in my neighbor hood as it was happening when i got home from work that evening and i saved her also but luckly no stitches or staples for her just some goold old TLC and she is back to her normal self


    [​IMG] in the back is my sweet Nutmeg R.I.P she was my very first hen i purchased and she was my broady and mama hen.. always wanting love from me and she surely always got it.. gona miss her she has taught me alot





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  1. HenFriend
    Harlow has the best hair ever!
  2. GFamily
    Great pictures! So cute!
  3. BackYardChknLvr
    lol i love the gold lace polish mine is not scared of anything my cat trys to attack her and she just turns around and chases him all over the yard in stead
  4. elvin
    gold laced polish; now i know what my mystery chicken is! i got excited when my dilkie was sitting on eggs, she hatched them all, but the three actual silkies died and i don;t know why, they seemed so healthy.
  5. chickenpooplady
    Nice flock! Congrats on POW!
  6. California_chickie
    So cute! Great pics!
  7. albchickenfarm
    Cool! I <3 your polish
  8. BackYardChknLvr
    umm i forgot to put the lid down on my little chicken coop after catchin the ducks and she hopped up on the coop to roost that night when i got back from droppin the ducks off and i beleave one of the chickens jumped up on the coop lid it slammed down on to her and yeah you can figure the rest out :/ had another chicken caught in the lid when i got home but it was only her leg and she is fine just was brused a bit
  9. chickenlover23
    How did Nutmeg die :( !
  10. BackYardChknLvr
    thank you so much!!! yes i'm a big polish lover they are the most wonderfull chickens i've ever had i just got 2 more silver lace polish's this week crossin my figures there hens though cause my last two silver laces were roosters.. either way i love them Polits or Cockerals <3 thank you for the kind words and thank you for making Harlow chicken of the week i cant wait to let my baby girl know :D
  11. Herbladi
    I love your PIctures!!!!!!
  12. willowbranchfarm
  13. PrairieChickens
    I see your share my love for the Polish breed. My Polish are awesome too, though our roo Elvis is kind of a butt. Chicky Gaga will come to her name, and follows me around the yard. She's absolutely fearless!
  14. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.

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